Matsu La Jefa

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La Jefa is the latest wine in the Matsu family series and its a show stopping white wine.

Made from 100% Malvasia, a widely planted, yet rarely hero’d grape, only 7,500 bottle of ‘The Boss’ were produced so its a very limited edition wine. Perfect for anyone who likes those rich, creamy white wine styles this is something to add to the collection. An intense and full bodied white wine, with mouth watering acidity and flavours of creamy vanilla, melon, apricots and peaches. Absolutely stunning and a wine that will elevate any meal with big flavours.

True to form with the Matsu range, the grapes are sourced from old vines, 50-150 years old, resulting in very intense wines. This wine spends 14 months aging in 600 litre barriques which gives a refined and elegant oak flavour. A rare wine by any standard and something to try if you love rich white wines. Toro is an area synonymous with full bodied red wines made from the Tempranillo grape and white wines are like hens teeth.