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What is the Bradleys Hip Flask Service?

The Bradleys Hip Flask Service gives you the chance to taste some new, interesting & exceptional whiskeys without having to purchase a full bottle. To avail of the service, simply purchase one of our bespoke Bradleys Hip Flasks (€20). The flask effectively works as your membership card for the service and allows you to return and purchase refills as often as you wish. For this reason we only fill whiskeys into Bradleys Hip Flasks.

Your flask itself is stainless steel and holds 6 ounces, which is just less than 5 standard pub measures. The cover is faux leather and therefore, vegan friendly.

Each month we pick one whiskey of the month. This will either be a whiskey already available on the service at a special price or it will be a limited whiskey not already on the service which is hard to come by.

Fill prices vary depending on the whiskey chosen. The usual price range is between €13-€50, however, sometimes rare or discontinued whiskeys are added which may fall outside this range.

Between each fill, your flask should be rinsed and dried thoroughly. This will preserve the integrity of each individual whiskey. We recommend filling the flask 3/4 full with warm water and washing up liquid, capping it and giving it a good shake. Empty out and rinse with cold water until it runs clear, before finally leaving it to air dry.

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