Stone Soup Poitín – New Limited Edition Release From Killowen Distillery

Stone Soup Poitín
Stone Soup Poitín – New Limited Edition Release From Killowen Distillery

This is how Killowen thinks Poitín should be. Not a Whiskey alternative, but a small batch premium spirit category in its own right.

With a mash bill of 14 bags, this Poitín proudly celebrates contemporary Irish distillation as well as ancient methods – 7 bags of turfed malted barley, 3 bags of un-malted barley, 2 bags of turfed malted oats, 1 bag of malted wheat and 1 bag of malted rye.

The story of Stone Soup is one fondly remembered from childhood, a story originating in eastern Europe that had seen recent changes to suit relative audiences. It is a story of sharing, but ultimately it tells us of two types of people, a powerful influential figure, removed from the reality of the world who suddenly finds he is unable to feed himself until a normal everyday person decides to make him a delicious bowl of soup using only a small stone. The same disassociation today between some and the reality of our native spirits has inspired this bottling.

To comply with legislation, this Poitín has been stored for a period not exceeding ten weeks and the labeling may not refer to casks, maturation, or aging on the label, presentation, marketing or packaging material.

This is a limited run of only 252 bottles.

Official Tasting Notes

It somehow smells sticky, with figs and dates, a little turf smoke and pine tree.

Sweet, earthiness, menthol & brown sugar at the same time. The mouthfeel is oily lather.

Grapefruit Brûlée & honey glazed ham, a hint of lavender astringency and very warming without any burn.