Waterford Luna Edition 1.1 (Biodynamic)

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The world's first biodynamic whisky.

Nose: Plums, apricot jam, fresh fruit salad, cold coffee, lemon drizzle cake, milk chocolate with almonds, fresh soil, bread proofing, brown sugar, herbal tea, hay on the ground after a shower of rain.

Taste: Spice on every level, front, middle, back and in between, white pepper, cloves, green peppers, jalapenos, dark chocolate, liquorice, malted biscuits and peppermint tea, grapefruit.

Finish: An everlasting heat and spice that’s dry but is mouth-watering, with some mint tea. It has more of a linger and less of a finish.

Waterford Distillery is certified by Demeter, and follows a rigorous auditing regimen each year. Biodynamic: Luna is also certified by Demeter.