Waltraud Riesling

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Radiant, pale gold colour. Elegant in its varietal expression (orange blossom) with terpenic notes (citrus, lemon rind) that are very characteristic of the Riesling variety. Silky as it unfolds across the palate and very refined, which makes the potent, firm persistence (a superb white wine) that lasts until the finish all the more surprising.

With 2,700 years of winemaking history to its name, making it the oldest winemaking region in Catalonia, DO Penedès is a broad, open appellation that stretches across a swathe of land between the sea and mountains, midway between Barcelona and Tarragona. The influence of the sun and the Mediterranean Sea makes Penedès an exceptional region for winegrowing. Its unique nature is responsible for the diversity of DO Penedès wines, with the differences in climate, landscape, and soil resulting in a thousand flavours and aromas.