Teeling 'The Rising' Reserve 21yr Old Single Malt

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A very special limited edition release from Teeling Whiskey Co! This release consists of limited edition bottlings from hand-selected casks from the reserves of Teeling's very best single malts. This single malt was aged in ex-bourbon casks before receiving a finishing in unique Portuguese Carcavelos white port casks. This special finishing imparts wonderfully deep citrus notes with orchard fruits balanced by the spice and wood influence. Limited to 6000 bottles released.

Tasting Notes
Green apples, honeyed citrus and candyfloss.

Stewed fruits with caramel, wood tannins and cinnamon spice.

Long finish with wood notes and rich roasted cacao.

Since 1782 the Teeling family have been crafting Irish Whiskey, with the opening of the new Teeling Whiskey Distillery in Dublin’s Liberties area, the Teeling family accomplished what they had long set to do, revive the tradition of distilling in Ireland’s capital. To celebrate this rising and the next chapter in Irish whiskey’s golden era, Teeling whiskey is proud to introduce the first release of our Rising Reserve.

Following on from our award-winning Revival and Renaissance series of Irish Whiskeys, this first release consists of hand-selected casks chosen from reserves of our very best and oldest single malt. Rising Reserve No.1 is a 21 Year Old Irish Single Malt that has been aged initially in ex-bourbon casks which then undergoes a second period of maturation in high quality Carcavelos casks. Bottled at 46% ABV with no chill filtration this release is limited to just 6000 bottles.