Quinta Soalheiro Allo

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The Melgaço region, the most northerly point of Portugal, is protected by a range of mountains that create the perfect conditions of rainfall, temperature and sunshine needed to perfectly ripen the Alvarinho grapes. The grapes for this wine, Alvarinho and Loureiro, two noble grape varieties of Minho in northern Portugal, are harvested by hand into small boxes.

ALLO is a vibrant and precise white wine with a gorgeous balance due to the moderately low alcohol content. Alvarinho grape gives structure and Loureiro grape the elegant and mineral aromatic distinction. The resulting wine is brilliant yellow in colour, with a vibrant citrus flavour and elegant mineral profile. The Alvarinho, full of tropical fruit and structure, contrasts with the Loureiro, floral and full of elegance, which gives this white wine with 11%vol. a unique balance.

It is ideal as an aperitif or to accompany seafood dishes and fish. Incidentally, the name ALLO comes from the first two letters of Alvarinho and Loureiro.