Nohoval Apple Oak Wine

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This apple wine is made of Dabinett bittersweet apples grown in county Waterford. The juice is slow fermented over a 4 month period attaining a final alcohol by volume of 15%. Attenuation is reached and none of the original fresh juice sugars remain. The wine is drawn off its lees for aging.

Muscadet barrels selected from the renowned Chai Haute-Ville are used for storing the wine. It resides in the barrels for a minimum of 2 years during which time the coarser freshly fermented notes are softened and complimented by rich oak flavors, creating great depth and character. The bottled apple wine possesses a delicate nutty flavor, with a hint of spice and pronounced tannic apple note; providing a long and subtle finish.

This apple wine is best consumed ambient but certainly no colder than cellar temperature to fully appreciate all that it has to offer.