Killahora Orchard Whiskey Cask Aged POM'O

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This is a unique collaboration that brings together two innately Irish brands, Killahora Orchards and Roe & Co Irish Whiskey,

in an experiment for the senses; as casks, swapped for nearly one year, created two delicious new liquids with vibrant layers of flavour.  Both malt and grain Roe and Co Whiskey casks were used with early and late picks of our apples to create an intriguing blend that highlights the best of both drinks.

Taste Notes

Our Pom – Roe & Co Cask Matured Limited Edition has an alluring nose of butterscotch, warm toffee apples with cloves and strawberries which is married beautifully with notes of mint and fennel. On the palate it finishes with indulgent notes of macerated cherries, orange peel and creamy malt.