J.J.Corry The Flintlock 15yr Old Single Malt

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A limited edition of 1146 bottles.

To create The Flintlock Batch No. 3, six single malt ex-bourbon casks were hand picked, each from the same distillery, from this library of Irish Whiskey flavours. Aged fifteen and nineteen years, each single malt was chosen based on its unique flavour profile and attributes.  Initially, these casks were blended to develop a vatting which perfectly represents J.J. Corry's juicy fruit house style, before the flavours were married in a Moscatel Sherry Butt, to harmonise and impart complexity, giving the Whiskey a rich, grapelike and floral character.  The result is a bright, floral Single Malt Irish Whiskey bursting with white stone fruit flavours, sweet dried fruits, mellowed with toasted vanilla and almond notes.  The Flintlock No. 3 is bottled at 46% ABV without any artificial colouring or chill filtration.