Hip Flask Service


You know the sinking feeling you get as you browse the whiskey shelf and spot all those ones you'd love to taste but find it hard to justify the price of the bottle.

We hope our new hip flask service will go some way to helping you with that.

Bradleys Hip Flask Service gives you the chance to taste some new, interesting & exceptional whiskeys without having to purchase a full bottle.

To avail of the service, simply purchase one of our bespoke Bradleys Hip Flasks (€20). 

The flask effectively works as your 'membership card' for the service and allows you to return and purchase refills as often as you wish.

We only fill whiskeys into Bradleys Hip Flasks.

Your flask should be rinsed & dried thoroughly before returning for a refill to preserve the integrity of each individual whiskey.

The flasks holds a little less than 5 standard pub measures.

As whiskeys sell through, we will change our offering to keep things evolving & interesting.