Dunville's VR 18 Year Old Port Mourant Rum Finish Single Malt

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Cask strength 

The Whiskey

Perfect texture, sweet oak and dark treacle molasses layered over magnificently clean barley.  Rich, oily and viscous, those sugars combine with the malts natural oils to coat the mouth quite sublimely with pure molasses and buttery barley.

A richness of red toffee apples, stewed fruits, candied orange, cream soda, with mixed spice and luxurious rum ice cream.  The merest suggestion of char smoke and old sundried leather adds even more richness, depth and complexity to the whiskey.

Finally those rum casks take over, with sticky toffee pudding, well done crème brulée, blue mountain latte, banana bread, and all the way through you have that perfect, breath-taking intertwingling of the molasses, the malt and that sweet oak, that reminds you in its last long lingering moments of the 18 years this whiskey has been waiting for this revealing, and so defines this magnificent whiskey.

The bottle has been presented in a beautiful wooden case with a modern take on the traditional Dunvilles mirror alongside a book and 20cl sample of the 41 Year Old Port Mourant Demerara Rum. 

Please note that the mirror in the Dunvilles packaging will be shipped at the buyer's risk.