Disaronno Amaretto

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Legend has it that Bernardino, a young artist of the Italian Renaissance, asked a beautiful innkeeper to model for his fresco of the Madonna.After working closely for some months they fell passionately in love and as a sign of her devotion she created a sweet almond tasting Liqueur called Disaronno.The secret recipe of herbs and fruits steeped in Apricot oil hasn't changed since the love affair of 1525, making it one of the oldest brands in the world!


Tasting Notes:

Appearance : Rich warm amber, autumnal gold, deep gold, topaz.
Nose : Marzipan, sweet, almonds, honey, bakewell tart, aromatic.
Palate : Maripan, thick, fiery, sweet, Amaretto biscuits, honey, good Length, peppery alcohol with luxurious mouth feel, harmonious.