Bushmills Single Malt 30 Year Old

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Bushmills 30 year old Single Malt is on the rarest small batch whiskeys they have ever created. It boasts an exquisite and enticing raisin, fig and praline richness.

COLOUR - Dark rich gold.

NOSE - Rich inviting sweet aromas of raisins, figs, prunes, and dates entwined with treacle toffee, soft clove and sweet spices delight the senses.

TASTE - Exquisite, velvety and smooth mouth feel. Sweet hints of dates, raisins and figs followed by praline and orange peel before developing into vanilla and warm pastry notes. A truly delightful experience for the palate.

FINISH - Long complex finish that reminds you of the amazing number of years this whiskey has spent gaining its individual character. The dried fruit and toffee sweet notes are left lingering. The elegance and refinement of this exquisite single is enticing and demands a second sip.