Bodegas Katxina Txakoli

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A most recent additon to our every changing range of interesting, fun and food friendly wines.

Family owned winery with a restauranteur background. They own 2 great restaurants where they offer stunning grilled meats and fish. By selling wines to the customers they realized there was a need for a quality Txacoli which did not exist so much. Hence the father and 2 children looked for land and bought and planted subsequently the indigenous white varietal Hondarribi Zuri. This grape variety was brought over from the northeast of Europe in the Middle Ages. The monks that followed the camino de Santiago pilgrimage route created monasteries with vineyards as they travelled, and with the passage of time this variety gained a foothold in our land of sea and mountains.

They boast eight hectares of vineyards surrounding the winery building. The grapes are growing on terraced trellises and arbors, all south-facing and on hillsides descending to the mouth the River Oria. Family-owned fields are caressed by the winds coming off the Cantabrian Sea. This enclave was specially chosen for the optimal ripening of our grapes. We select the best grapes right in the vineyard, carrying the clusters in baskets to the winery.
These unique conditions give our txakoli the freshness and vitality that make it genuine.

Txakoli Katxiña is a white wine produced using the Hondarribi Zuri variety of grape, a local variety only cultivated in this area. Certified by the Getariako Txakolina D.O., they make Txakoli Katxiña a product overflowing with personality.

During the wine making process the fermentation is stopped hence this slight characteristic fizz you find in the wine, especially in Getariako DO.

This wine has a great personality, well balanced acidity and a great palate, it is fresh, vibrant, with fruity aromas and sea-breeze notes. The aromatic intensity is well-distributed in the mouth and round on the palate, where it leaves a pleasant and lasting taste. A fun wine to enjoy as an appetizer, great for the summer of course but also all year round with fish especially.

If you've been to San Sebastian, you will know as every bar and restaurant will serve you this to drink!.

It combines very well with good-quality fish, Iberian-pork-based appetisers, fresh seafood, salads, rice dishes and – if possible – with delicious grilled fish.