Writers’ Tears Launches Its First Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey

Writers’ Tears Launches Its First Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey

Irish brand Writers’ Tears, produced by Walsh Whiskey, has unveiled its first single pot still expression.

Originally matured in bourbon barrels, the triple-distilled, single pot still whiskey was further matured in Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks from Spain and Florio Marsala Hogsheads from Sicily.

The Distillers notes offer the following insights:-

“The whiskey’s nose delivers candied sweetness and toffee apples, while the palate features notes of pot still spice and the velvet, dessert-like qualities of PX Sherry, finishing with a light chewiness.

The complexities resulting from the marriage of spicy single pot still whiskey with Bourbon, sweet PX and Marsala casks are a feast for the senses.

This special expression is in keeping with Walsh Whiskey’s innovative approach to whiskey origination which includes pushing the boundaries on single pot still. I am very proud of this whiskey, our first single pot still expression, and excited to bring a new core whiskey to the Writers’ Tears family that will become available to more and more of our followers in over 50 countries worldwide over time.”

Available now, in very limited quantities, in Bradleys Off-Licence and from our online shop HERE.