Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac

Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac
Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac

Five successive master crafters, the blend of over one thousand different eaux-de-vie produced from the finest century-old Grande Champagne, and a crystal carafe inspired by a metal gourd war relic can only mean one thing; the world famous REMY MARTIN LOUIS XIII.

Undoubtedly the world’s finest, highest quality Cognac on the market today, Louis XIII has been carefully tended over many generations of Rémy Martin cellar masters. Blended from extremely old eaux-de-vie then aged in oak barrels several hundred years old.

“Louis XIII is not a Cognac,” they say at Rémy. “Put simply, it’s a moment.”

The Baccarat Decanter

Louis XIII is also well known for its ornate decanter with fleur-de-lys stopper, considered to be as much a work of art as the precious nectar it cradles.

The Dynasty of the Cellar Masters

André Renaud (1924-1960) played a crucial role in laying the foundations of Louis XIII as we know it today. It was he, perhaps more than anyone, who hammered home the message that to bring this fabled Cognac to life it was necessary to “think a century ahead”.

André Giraud (1960-1990) was singled out by Renaud as a young apprentice and prepared over 17 years before he took his position at the helm, aged 37.

Georges Clot (1990-2003) had a laboratory-based background and this skill was well utilized as he led the house into the new millennium.

Pierrette Trichet (2003-2014) made history as the first ever female cellar master of a major Cognac house. She was also the talent that brought us Louis XIII Rare Cask.

Baptiste Loiseau (2014-present) uses eau-de-vie selected by his predecessors up to 100 years ago to bring us today’s Louis XIII. He has the considerable task of selecting and preparing those that will be utilized by the cellar masters of the future to continue the creation of this globally acclaimed Cognac. View in our online store