Averbode gift box with 2 glasses

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Set includes 1 bottle of beer and 2 glasses
Bottle volume: 750 ml
Cardboard box
Color box: light gray

Bright Belgian beer "Averbod"strength of 7.5% has a wonderful refreshing taste and tempting aroma with notes of apples and hops. The structure of this monastery beers include wheat, oats and pale barley malt, water, sugar, yeast, and four varieties of hops choice. Maturation of beer produced in the bottle.
Beer "Averbode"won many high prizes. Among the latter - the silver medal of the competition "World Beer Challenge, 2014", a bronze medal at the "The International Beer Challenge, 2014" in London.

Since its founding in 1134, located on the border Kempen and Hageland, Averbode Abbeywas and still is the "crossroads of the worlds". For centuries, the monastery doors were open to all comers and needy. To this day, the abbey remains a place of silence and reflection for many people. Averbod strictly adheres to its main principle - to achieve harmony in everything, even in the creation of food and beverages. On the territory of the abbey for a long time is a bakery, a brewery and a plant for the production of cheese. Revenues from sales of products which have been prepared in Averbod used for charitable projects, textbooks, and so on. Abbey also supports all initiatives related to healthy food, so Averbod very carefully selects their partners for cooperation: La Lorraine Bakery Group, Milcobel, Huyghe and others. Through its activities and products Averbode Abbey inspires a lot of people who come together and try to harmoniously live every moment of his life.

Partner Averbod brewing - Brewery Huyghe.Brewer Hёyge has rich family tradition and long history. The company really care about the environment, so all the latest investment has been aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere during production. Brewery pays great attention to social employment: all the cardboard boxes used for exports, were piled in a workshop where people work with different groups of disability. A sense of respect for the environment and society, the use of harmless raw materials and control the amount of waste after production - is an integral part of the business model of the brewery.